A 550 Beck Spyder that I owned from 2002 - 2011.  Spyder #046 has moved north to Canada.

The Spyder is an over powered 1950s style race car, they do bite back.  

I was the 4th owner.

Beck Spyder #046.  US Built, 1985 sold as a complete car with Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO).  


The original engine was replaced in 1997 with a CB Performance 2276 cc with 44 mm Delortos, ported and polished 044 heads, 94mm forged pistons, 2250 cam shaft, lightweight flywheel 26mm full flow oil pump with deep sump and oil filter and large oil cooler with aeroquip lines.  The transaxle was upgraded (2000) to a Rancho Perf prostreet swing arm, Kennedy 2 stage pressure plate clutch disc with bigger first gear and 3:88 final gear.  

Cosmetically has the banjo wheel, ivory shift knob, leather bonnet straps, wide 5 wheels, correct turn and brake lights, all correct Porsche badging and gas filler in middle of hood.  37,370 km, roughly 23,500 miles.

Most of the pictures are bigger, right click for additional detail.  Included a couple of videos walking around the car and showing that all gauges are in working order.  





Now for the good, the bad, the ugly:

The Good - perfectly presentable and drivable well sorted Beck 550.  All gauges work.  Drives like a race car from the 1950's.  Stayfast Tonneau cover.  Tires are two years old with very few miles.




The Bad - Lots of chips in the paint, could use a re-spray; some fiberglass stress areas.  Drivers seat worn.  Small crack on passenger side of windshield.  Handling is on par with a 1950s race car, if you are not careful it will bite you and you will die.  If you are looking for an every day sports car where you can talk on the phone and drive - this is not the car for you.


The Ugly - last owner cut a hole in the dash for a radio - could never be heard over the straight pipes and works inconsistently at best.  

A new Beck Spyder with the same equipment will cost 38K.  This is from the Worksheet available from http://www.beckspeedster.com  


The additional pictures below some are older ones, some new - the ones above are from May 2011.






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