MORPCA had a barbeque that was graciously hosted by Bobby Rahal at his house to benefit the Bobby Rahal Foundation in September 2002.  It was a beautiful afternoon and lots of neat stuff was there.  Approximately 160 other yahoos, including myself, showed up.

Bobby and a gentleman, Dale Miller who is a Porsche historian and previously was the director of the Collier museum led a discussion about Bobby's 908.  This discussion included: that if you are going to have a shunt in the car to do it on the driver's side left, for on the right was the fuel tank;  the driver's feet are in front of the front suspension; and that the frame was used to bring the oil from the oil cooler in front to the engine, and the way Porsche tested that the welds were solid is the frame has a presta valve like a bike tire and they would pump it up with air to see if the air held.



In his garage he had an old Williams, a Mini, the last IndyCar he raced, and a Corvette Pace Car GM gave him after his Indy 500 win.







An all around fun afternoon. 

Out in the parking area were many neat cars including a possible 914-6, a '65 911 with 356 type gauges, a bunch of 356s and assorted new stuff.  I drove my Spyder and met another gentleman in town who also has a Beck.  While walking around I heard people say the other gentleman's was a replica and mine was real.  Just another good reason too make sure the paint isn't perfect and drive the crap out of these to give them proper patina! Go here for the pictures.

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